We have been working with importers and exporters in the agribusiness for more than a decade and
we noticed that gathering all the necessary information to support our clients in the industry could be
challenging sometimes. Indeed, the information is scattered and occasionally not relevant enough,
which is a real problem when dealing with international trading and regulations!

The idea was then to create a platform that will help international trading stakeholders in the
agribusiness get all relevant information needed in a matter of time and all at the same place.

The Food Trade Hub was thus born, aimed to facilitate access to organized and relevant information
about international trading in the Food Industry.
We want this to be an open and interactive platform where everyone can share their suggestions and
contribute to its content and evolution. You are best positioned to tell us what you need!
Our objective is to offer you a HUB that allows anyone eager to step into import/export business to
have a clear idea about :

– Start an import/export business
– The major players to be partnered with
– Regulations of each country
– All the essential documentation to get through it
– International Sales & Marketing techniques
– Innovations news